• 2nd Floor PCs are available to book from 9am to 11pm for individual use.
  • You can book up to 6 hours a day; there is a weekly limit of 30 hours.
  • Remember to confirm your booking within 30 minutes by email.  (Always check junk/clutter folder).
  • Advanced bookings may be cancelled via the confirmation email.
  • Please do not forget to log off after use.
  • Please note: although we do regular checks to make sure these computers work properly, there might be unforseen issues.
  • Contact library.enquiries@lse.ac.uk for further help.


PC R2001 to PC R2052 are located at the corner of John Watkins and Portugal Street side; opposite the water foundain on the second floor.

PC R2071 to PC R2083 are located on the Carey Street side of the second floor.